Oven Cleaning

We can bring your grubby old oven back to it's sparkling former glory using our specialist cleaning equipment

About the service

Being tucked away, the cleaning of your oven may escape your mind. However, it is essential that it is cleaned to prevent any problems in the future. Over time, food, carbon and grime can stick to the inner walls of your oven, as well as your hob and fan, which may increase the risk of your oven not performing as it should. Not to mention the occurrence of smoke and odour that can befall when cooking in a dirty oven.

You could always attempt to clean it yourself, but when you don’t know your way around the mechanics of an oven, the job can prove harder than first thought. Plus, oven cleaner can be expensive and leave chemical smells and residues that you do not want around your food. Instead, just Wistl.

The oven is a staple part of any kitchen, as well as the most difficult part to clean. With that being the case, it should be left to the professionals. Whether it’s the oven itself, the hob, hood or extractor fan; the right products, methods and elbow grease allow your oven to look and perform as if it was brand new.

Always Prepared

Our highly trained Wistl cleaners arrive at your home equipped with the best products and apparatus to get your oven spotless and looking brand new once again. Our cleaners are discrete, efficient and work as quick as they can to provide a grime free oven, ready to use almost immediately. With food and oily residue gone from your oven, there’s nothing there to produce smelly smoke, tarnish the taste of your food or hinder the performance of your oven in the future.

No need to put off dinner to clean an oven you don’t know your way around. No portion remains unpolished as removable oven components will be cleaned, freed from grease and debris, and correctly returned.

Using non-toxic and biodegradable products, we can assure that our cleaning services are not only the best, but the safest for you and your family.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not 100% happy with a clean, we will return to your home and clean it again, free of charge. Find out more

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