How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

Clean Bathroom

Today’s bathrooms are a far cry from what they used to be. We have smart toilets, smart showers, and mirrors that can de-fog themselves. There are also self-cleaning bathroom items, but they are not as effective as classic cleaning sessions. Furthermore, the price of these new tools is too high for the average consumer. 

So, we get a clean bathroom the standard way. But when should we actually do the deed? Should we clean everything at the same time, the standard way? Is there a specific way to do it? 

Cleaning your bathroom properly is important, and this article provides some tips for when to do so.

Cleaning Times – An Overview

It is a good idea to clean your bathroom once a week. This includes cleaning your floors, the sink, the toilet, and all the other places you normally clean. You must still disinfect your bathroom completely once every two weeks.

It is also important to give your bathroom a deep clean every month. This includes cleaning the grout from the tiles or any other places that may gather gunk. Otherwise, the dirt will just layer and become harder to remove.

How Often to Clean Different Areas

Now you have a general idea of how often you should clean your bathroom. That being said, certain areas in the bathroom may have different “timelines.” Here are the best times for cleaning bathroom items:

1. Bathroom Rug

You should clean the bathroom carpet at least once a week. The dirt that gets on bath mats accumulates quickly due to the humidity. As a result, they are breeding grounds for bacteria if they are not attended to.

Take your bathroom mats and put them in a washer, running them on a gentle cycle. This is especially important if they have a non-slip back. They may be damaged by regular cycles. Allow them to air-dry in a well-ventilated place. 

If you are unsure how to wash the bathmats, you should read the instructions on the label. This should clear potential confusion and prevent you from ruining your bathroom rugs.

2. Toilet

If you live alone, you probably don’t have to clean the toilet that often. You can get away with cleaning it once every few days. You may need to step up your game if you live with your partner or have children. The toilet seat and handle should be wiped with an antibacterial product every day. 

For the most part, if the toilet has an antibacterial surface and does not look stained, cleaning it once every few days should be enough. It all depends on the level of “abuse” that it gets.

3. Bathtub and Shower

The shower should be deep cleaned once a week to eliminate accumulated gunk and grime. It may be a good idea to rinse the area after every shower to prevent potential soap buildup. Glass doors are slightly trickier to handle, so you may want to keep a squeegee around. This will reduce the hassle.

Bathtubs do not have to be cleaned every day either, especially if you have a bathtub and shower combo. That said, it should be cleaned each time you plan to run a bath. The last thing you probably want is to see grime floating in the water while relaxing in the bathtub. 

4. Shower Curtains

If you have shower curtains, you should take them down every month. This should be covered when you have a deep clean bathroom session due. Check to see if your curtains are washer-friendly, as some plastic curtains cannot be put in the washing machine.

Once you have cleaned the curtains, leave them to air-dry. If you can, leave them outside to dry. Bathrooms are humid and can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. You will need a properly dried and ventilated place to dry them – preferably one that gets a lot of sunlight.  

5. Sink

You may think that the toilet is the dirtiest part of your bathroom, but it is the sink. Your sink knobs collect a lot of germs from your hands every day, and the dirty water can contaminate the sink itself. 

This is why you should clean the sink with antibacterial products every day. It does not matter if you live alone or not – getting rid of the germs will keep you healthy. That being said, if you don’t have kids, spouses, or roommates, cleaning once every 2-3 days should be enough.  

6. Bathroom Towels

Although towels are used to wipe clean bodies, they still need to be cleaned. The frequency depends on the use.

For instance, if the towel is used to dry your hands, you may change it once or twice a week. If you use it to dry yourself after a bath or a shower, you may wash it after one or two uses. 

Leaving the towels in a proper place to air dry can prolong their use. If you crumple the towels after use, they cannot dry and will get a mildew smell. In the end, how often you wash the towels depends on your preferences and how you keep them.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Bathroom?

If you keep a regular daily or weekly cleaning schedule, you should not have to deep clean the bathroom more than once a month. The bathroom is a part of your house. Routine deep cleaning is necessary, as this is when you clean the drawers, the cabinets, and more. 

The best way to clean a bathroom is to go through all the crevices you missed during your weekly clean. Make sure to also clean and change the filters from your vents. This will protect the bathroom from getting dusty each time you turn them on.


1. Why Is My Bathroom So Dusty?

If your bathroom is dusty despite regular cleaning, you may have dirty vents and poorly maintained filters. These areas will often hide dirt you are not aware of. Mixed with the high humidity in the bathroom, the room may get dusty very quickly.

2. How Do I Keep My Bathroom Clean Daily?

The answer is simple: you clean it. Use a tray or basket to keep the clutter out of sight, clean your sink quickly, and wipe the shower or bathtub after using it. Make sure to also clean the toilet regularly. Clean each surface with antibacterial wipes after each use to keep everything neat.

3. Is It Okay to Clean the Bathroom Every 2 Weeks?

This depends on the level of cleaning. You should give the bathroom a thorough clean every week and a deep clean every month. Leaving the bathroom for two weeks may allow for too many bacteria to gather. 

4. How Often Do You Clean the Shower?

Ideally, the shower should be given a rinse and a light clean after or before every use. It is also recommended you give your shower a deep clean every month. 

The Bottom Line

Each bathroom is different and may have special requirements. Still, a good clean once a week should be enough. Make sure to give each surface a good wipe after every use to prevent bacterial buildup. Cleaning the bathroom should be easy as long as you don’t leave a mess behind.